5+5: platform Beijing-Barcelona

The platform 5+5 Contemporary Works on Paper with five woman painters from Beijing-Guang Zhou and five from Barcelona, presented the first exhibition on March 2013 in Fundación Setba and Arts Libris book fair. The 5+5 stone lithography case contains ten lithographies, one of each artist, printed at Taller Esquina.

The making of the 5+5 stone lithography case involves a great amount of hours, with the preparation of the stones at the beginning, the drawings, the artist proofs on different papers and finally with the edition of 30 copies, and the hand made case, elaborated by Ángels Arroyo. During the months that were needed for the editions, the artists had a closely participation, with the opportunity of exchange opinions, experiment with new techniques and collaborate with each others works. The process can be seen on the 5+5 video produced by Nelo Olmos.

The editions were printed at Taller Esquina in Barcelona by Maribel Mas, in a french style stone press, using papers of different fibers, like mould made cotton-abaca from Museu Molì de Capellades, cotton Arches Velin or delicate ganpi and mitsumata Inshu-Washi from japan master, depending on the necessities of each artist to develop her work, as the art critic PaoPao describes: “Whether paper is the medium, or a friend, or the enemy, it allows art to discover the physical existence of desire, arrival and emergence. Everything, like what the female poet Wang Xiaoni has written long ago:
Alive between every breath
on my paper
that always enwraps my fire”

The text from the curator Alex Mitrani and the foreword from the writer Pao Pao are included on the 5+5 stone lithography case and a catalog for the exhibitions in China. The information about the lithography editions and artists is contained on the 5+5 case PDF file.

From may to july 2013 5+5 works were exhibited in the art space La Sala in Vilanova and in november 2013 in the gallery AB in Granollers, Spain.
From November 2013 to January 2014 the exhibition traveled to Beijing Yonghe Art Exhibition Hall and Guang Zhou galleries.

For further information about the artists and exhibitions visit the blog: http://5plus5group.blogspot.de/