Artworks on Washi Papers exhibited in Tokyo


Collective exhibition of artworks on Inshu Washi Paper elaborated by the masters Hasegawa and Nakahara.

Ozu Washi is a gallery of Japanese traditional Washi paper in Nihombashi, Tokyo Since 1653 (the Edo Period) The museum exhibit thousands of ancient documents about the history of paper and also organizes workshops for paper making.

紙は、素材の単なる表面以上のものだが、作品の制作にあたって効果的な要素になった。それぞれの紙の特徴を理解しながら、工場生産されたものでも画一化さ れたものでもない素材の力を発見するのは時間のかかる過程だった。紙は日本の青谷の町の和紙職人の協力で雁皮と三椏、楮から作り出された。

“More than just a surface, the paper itself becomes an active element as Maribel Mas’ work takes shape. The process of understanding each type of paper, of discovering the potential and unique character of a non-industrial, non-standardized material has been a gradual one, made possible only in collaboration with master craftsmen in Aoya, Japan, who manufacture the paper by hand with the fibers of ganpi, mitsumata and kouzo plants.”


The lithography “Cender” on Hasegawa Ganpi was selected for the exhibition at the Tama Art Museum by the Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial

Tama Art University has organized the Triennial since 1995 with the aims of showing the world’s latest contemporary prints and collecting scholarly data on materials, techniques, and expressions of printmaking. From the large number of submission, 1,927 entries from 94 countries, were selected 324 works for the exhibition at the Tama Art University Museum.