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Spinnerei printmaking collaborations

A collaboration between print workshops that began in 2012 with a woodcarving series from Maribel Mas printed at the workshop of Thomas Siemon, the editor of Carpe PlumBum and printer of Lubok artist books, located in the art center Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig.

5+5: platform Beijing-Barcelona

The platform 5+5, contemporary works on paper with five painters from Beijing-Guang Zhou and five from Barcelona, will present the first exhibition on March 2013 in FundacioĢn Setba and Arts Libris. The 5+5 stone lithography case contains ten lithogra- phies, one of each artist, printed at Taller Esquina.

Kanyain: japanese papers

Kanyain: Japanese Papers

Kanyain is a project of Tatsuya Mitani and Maribel Mas, collaborating together the last 10 years in a cultural interchange between the japan masters of Inshu Washi, hand made papers of Mitsumata, Kouzo and Ganpi fibers and artist from Barcelona.

Maribel Mas - Taller Esquina

Taller Esquina

Taller Esquina is a stone lithography workshop originally located on El Raval (2005-2014) in the neighbourghood of the Barcelona Modern Art Museum and moved temporary to Leipzig, in a close collaboration with the printmakers of the Spinnerei art center. Since 2005 the workshop is open to professionals and students motivated ...