„Kohärenz: was uns zusammenhält“

The exhibition will present drawings from the series GEAR, created during the “lock-down” using a gear of a clock from a fallen tower with its mechanical outline of square teeth in contrast with the series LINEALE, drawings of organic forms based in wooden templates of the 19th century, the Burmester curves.

Jirka Pfahl will show his recent artworks on paper based on foldings:

The title “Coherence” refers to the working process of both artists, based on a pattern’s repetition. In these artworks, the coherence between the elements is provided by the artist’s confidence on a simple decision at the beginning, sustained without distractions or second intentions until the end. The patience and trustfulness needed in this process is revealed in the open and flexible structure of the artworks, that seem to be in permanent transformation. Moreover, this sense of coherence could be extended to understand “what brings us together” in the present social situation.


The exhibition is planed for the “Herbstrundgang der Leipziger Spinnerei”, 

Thaler Originalgrafik
Spinnereistraße 7 / Halle 18
04179 Leipzig