LINEALE in Hochdruckpartner Gallery, Leipzig

The exhibition will show recent metal engravings on magnesium from the series Lineale (2019-2020) printed by hand on Japanese Papers.
The papers are handmade with the fibers of Kouzo and wild Ganpi plants, using only traditional methods and without chemical additives, thus showing deep respect for the environment, especially river water. The paper comes from the workshops of the Hasegawa, Nishimura and Nakahara families in the Aoya Valley, in the province of Tottori, with the Inshu Washi designation of origin.

The plates are magnesium clichés, prepared with an etching process from drawings on black film. The fine lines of the drawings were done with a diamond point tool, scratching on the black film.
From these experiences with magnesium and photopolymer I have increasingly focused on the repetitive use of lines as a constructive element in my work.

In the exhibition I will present also my collaborations with the independent publisher Andrew Moorhouse: Sinéad Morrisey’s book “The Italian Chapel” and Zaffar Kunial’s broadside “Prayer”. The metal engravings and the hand typesetting were printed by John Grice in Evergreen Press and released on 2019 in England. Our next project is an Alice Oswald’s book of selected poems that will be released in spring. Some of the proofs of the metal engravings printed in Ganpi will be also presented in the exhibition.



Galerie und Werkstatt für Holzschnitt und Hochdruck
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