Kanyain is a project of Tatsuya Mitani and Maribel Mas, collaborating together the last 10 years in a cultural interchange between the japan masters of Inshu Washi, hand made papers of Mitsumata, Kouzo and Ganpi fibers and artist from Barcelona. The students and painters had the opportunity of printing on these high quality papers in their projects developed in Taller Esquina, and in previous years in UAB University, Llotja Art School and Massana Art School, supported by the Aoya paper family workshops, specially Hasegawa, Nishimura and Nakahara.

Some of the works made on Washi papers had been presented in exhibitions at the Aoya Kyoudokan Museum, Molì Paperer de Capellades, Instituto Cervantes Tokyo or Centre de Artesania de Catalunya.

In 2010-1011, during the exhibition of japanese Ukiyo-e prints in the Picasso Museum, Tatsuya Mitani and Maribel Mas collaborated with a workshop of woodcarving on traditional japanese and european papers, focused on the differences between east and west print techniques in aspects like pigments, inks, paper fibers, tools and methods of interest for a specialized audience in restoration from the main museums of Barcelona: Mokuhanga to Washi at the Picasso Museum.

Kanyain: japanese papers

In the next edition of the artist book fair Arts Libris 2103, Tatsuya Mitani and Maribel Mas will make a demosntration of printmaking on Washi papers from Aoya. Samples of the papers could be seen at Taller Esquina stand.

For information about Washi papers download PDF or write to kanyain.paper@gmail.com