Solo exhibition in the Gallery Borssenanger

Drawings and prints related with the artist book „RESONANZ / 共鳴“
are presented in the Gallery Borssenanger, located in the city center of Chemnitz.

Henriette Schneidewind & Ulf Kallscheidt
Straße der Nationen 2-4 (Eingang Johannisplatz)
D-09111 Chemnitz
+49 371 331 42 70

Opening hours
Tuesday and Wednesday 14:00 – 18:00 h
and by personal appointment during the exhibition


Chemnitz will be European Capital of Culture in 2025.
With the motto “C the unseen”, Chemnitz2025 directs its gaze to the unseen: the unseen of the “quiet center”. The unseen city, the unseen European neighbors, the unseen places and biographies, the unseen talents in each individual.
The program also includes many other unseen cities or regions in Europe, which make a strong statement for democratic coexistence and especially the people who help to live a cosmopolitan community across national borders should be seen.