Maribel Mas - Taller Esquina

Taller Esquina

Taller Esquina is a stone lithography workshop originally located on El Raval (2005-2014) in the neighbourghood of the Barcelona Modern Art Museum and moved temporary to Leipzig, in a close collaboration with the printmakers of the Spinnerei art center.

Since 2005 the workshop is open to professionals and students motivated on printing stone lithographic series, or experimenting with the wide range of possibilities of this technique, that can be also combined with aluminum lithographic plates, woodcarving, intaglio or digital prints.

Focused on printmaking on japanese papers, Maribel Mas shares her experience with Ganpi, Mitsumata and Kouzo papers elaborated by masters of Aoya Inshu Washi. In the Kanyain project with Tatsuya Mitani offers courses and information about this papers and Japanese woodcarving.

Taller Esquina had collaborated also in educational projects and exhibition displays related on printing techniques with Museu Picasso, Museu Molì Paperer de Capellades, UB University, Llotja art school and Massana art school. A project about graphic works for children is been developing in this moment in Taller Esquina by Maribel Mas: Arts Grafiques per Nens.

A selection of works printed in Taller Esquina were exhibited in 2015 at the exhibition “Grafik Barcelona-Leipzig” in the gallery Círculo del Arte and in 2013 in the Santa Mónica Art Center at the artist book fair Arts Libris 2013. A dear guest artist in Taller Esquina was Joaquim Chancho, who draw between 2013-2014 the stones and aluminum plates for two series of lihographs.

A series of lithographies from Arnal Ballester printed between January and March 2013 in Taller Esquina were presented also in the book fair Art Libris and the gallery Círculo del Arte, Barcelona.

More information about Joaquim Chancho and Arnal Ballester editions:
Taller Esquina invited artists

Visitors assisted to lithography demonstrations at Tallers Oberts organized by FAD (Open Workshops) and enjoyed a close view to the drawings on stones, woodcarvings, plates and materials, to understand the printing technique and the working processes of the artists.

The printing process of some of the latest editions in Taller Esquina were recorded in a series of videos by Nelo Olmos: