Violin drawings

Curves in harmony with nature

A back of a violin has been hanging on the wall in my workshop for a year, until I have the confidence to use it for drawing with the necessary respect. I needed to observe and understand the curves abstractly, away from cultural preconceptions or emotional clichés, to find something fresh and innocent in them, simply following them again and again.

Symmetry as a dialogue between two opposite positions,
creating a space for understanding

Using the back of a violin as a template for this series of drawings has led me to understand symmetry as a development. Instead of considering symmetry as a rigid mirrored reflection, it could be seen as a flow between two opposite points, in a pendular movement. This balance is known in physics as “simple harmonic movement”.

The back of the violin that I have been using for the drawings comes from Klaus Ludwig Clement´s workshop in Leipzig.

Ink drawings on Nishimura Ganpi handmade paper, 62 x 48 cm.
Fotos: Uwe Walter.


Photos: Uwe Walter, Leipzig/Berlin